On AirNarcissus and the spirit of his mission

A Narcissist actually does not have any private life. Regrettably, family members, friends, peers and work colleagues, so all persons, who share their lives, more or less voluntarily don‘t have any private life as well. This is mainly because the Narcissist does not like to be lonely in front of his mirror. A grandiose existence needs a wide audience. Witnesses, fan communities, followers, disciples and admirers of all kinds. His live is a perpetual, great spectacle with free entry for all. He is, so to speak, always on the air.

The Narcissist feels guided with a great sense of mission and is therefore often seen as a professional Narcissist in all those fields of activity which are about the big stages of this world. And a life as professional Narcissist is real hard work. Because he is so dependent on the recognition of his admirers (even if he would never ever openly admit to it) he must provide always new and more magnificent calibers of self-presentation, so that the spring of recognition continues to gush abundantly.

Unfortunately, he usually misses the point where it is really getting embarrassing. For example, when he has already passed his zenith far and no one long since does take him seriously any more. This is because ordinary people are not spared of natural processes. The narcissus, on the contrary, becomes Younger and Younger from year to year in a mysterious way.

The Narcissist is a real chameleon. For this reason he can exchange the facade he presents to others depending on what is pleasing and en vogue in the current context. After all, it serves only one purpose, namely his insatiable desire for recognition. So he tinkers the puzzle pieces of his fragmented personality as needed to ever new versions of himself - his alter egos.